iPhone 6S date rumours and new feature



Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is also simply a couple of months previous, however that hasn’t stopped Apple watchers from wanting ahead currently that 2015 has arrived and curious what Apple’s smartphone plans for the year may be. Here, we tend to pull together all of the rumours regarding the iPhone 6’s successor, dubbed iPhone 6S, as well as unleash date rumours, specs and new options.


When is that the iPhone 6S coming back out?

The most doubtless unleash date for the iPhone 6S is September 2015, which might follow Apple’s iPhone unleash schedule history. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus were discharged in September 2014, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September 2013, the iPhone five in September 2012 and also the iPhone 4S in Oct 2011.

However, it’s doable that Apple can opt to begin cathartic new smartphones doubly a year, to stay up with the ever growing and up competition from rivals like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and additional.

In fact, the newest rumour (albeit a very shaky one), suggests that the iPhone 6S might arrive in spring 2015, that is additionally expected around that point.

However, a report that emerged in early Dec, however, looks to dismiss the thought that the iPhone 6S can arrive in spring 2015. Economic News reports that, the Apple Watch remains doubtless to arrive in Spring, the iPhone 6S’s A9 chip (which you’ll decide additional regarding later during this article) has not nevertheless entered production, that suggests that a Spring launch is off the cards in the end.

Design and displayiphone6srose_3375890b

We’re expecting Apple to stay with the four 4.7-inch show for the iPhone 6’s successor, as it is a show size that looks to possess gone down well with fans thus far.¬†We additionally do not suppose that the style of the iPhone 6S are a lot of completely different to the iPhone 6. Apple tends to stay constant external style for its iPhones for two generations, where expect constant slim, light-weight and rounded style that is sported by the iPhone 6 to be gift once the iPhone 6S arrives.

There are some rumours to the contrary, though, notably one that implies the iPhone 6S’s show maybe wrap round the edges of the smartphone in an exceedingly similar thanks to the Galaxy Note Edge. This rumour was galvanized by a politician Apple patent, that describes “sidewall displays” that stretch onto the perimeters of the iPhone, providing interactive or touch-sensitive parts that give access to the slide-to-unlock feature, electronic messaging readout, music player controls, system controls, caller ID and additional.

There’s some dialogue regarding whether or not the iPhone 6S are additional sturdy through the employment of recent materials as well as sapphire glass and Liquidmetal, however the bankruptcy of Apple’s sapphire partner has place a hand tool within the works there, to mention the smallest amount.

GT Advanced Technologies partnered with Apple to provide sapphire glass at AN Apple-owned mill in Arizona that might are accustomed manufacture two hundred million 5in iPhone displays p.a., thus while not that partnership, the chance of sapphire glass being employed in AN iPhone any time shortly is considerably broken.

Liquidmetal remains on the cards, though. Apple has an exclusive license to the fabric, however presently solely uses it for the SIM-removal tool. In January, rumours began egression a few 3D pressure device for the iPhone 6S’s show, that might mean that Apple is getting to bring the Force Technology that it uses in its Apple Watch to change the iPhone 6S to differentiate between a faucet and a press, that might give a stimulating new thanks to move with the smartphone.



The rumour comes from reliable blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball, United Nations agency aforementioned on a podcast that they supply claims that the iPhone 6S’s camera can have a two-lens system that might facilitate permit users to capture “DSLR-quality imaging.”




It’s extremely doubtless that the iPhone 6S’s processor are named the A9 proceconcet 6sssor, following on from the already powerful, 64-bit A8 processor. it’s going to be joined by the M9 co-processor, that handles potency by taking of the roles administrated by the sensors off from the most processor.

The A9 is to be being factory-made by Samsung, that is outwardly in talks with Apple regarding changing into the only real manufacturer of its chips, a task it once had before the responsibility was two-handed over to the TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor producing Company).

The A9 chip is believed to be being factory-made at Apple’s Austin mill, that the processor may be a ‘Made in America’ element, in keeping with the Korean Electronic Times.

TechNews believes that the iPhone viS can have 2GB or RAM instead of 1GB found within the iPhone vi and iPhone 6 and, that indicate that iOS nine can have higher multitasking options that might be doable because of the additional memory. It’s one thing we’ve been hoping for for a few time currently, however it’s doable that it will mean AN unwanted worth bump for the iPhone 6S.


Gaming joystick Home button

This rumour could be a bit out there however is totally even because it comes from Apple itself, a recently discovered Apple patent reveals that the corporate is considering turning the iPhone’s Home button into a vice joystick.

Yes, that is right, the house button might have a spring below it that permits it to appear and become a joystick for once you are enjoying one amongst the numerous superb games out there on the iOS App Store.

It appears like a good plan to the iPhone gamers here at Macworld, with one potential downfall being the house button’s susceptibleness to break if it’s able to appear from its customary position. It’s in all probability unlikely that this feature can come back to ensuing generation iPhone, however it’s actually a chance for the iPhone when that!


Battery life

There are some rumours regarding completely different charging ways for the iPhone 6S, as well as wireless charging (that did not arrive with the iPhone vi as expected, however was introduced to the Apple Watch as inductive charging), furthermore as a replacement, reversible USB charger.

In August, rumoured regarding the new charger showed a image cable in action with a reversible USB instrumentation furthermore because the already reversible Lightning instrumentation.


Concept pictures

There area unit already some thought pictures of the iPhone 6S (but no leaked parts or shots from the assembly line yet), thus we tend to thought we’d share them with you as food for thought.

Designer Martin Hajek, United Nations agency is changing into well-known for his technology thought illustrations, has come back up with the thought image below for Business business executive, furthermore because the image featured at the highest of this text. It has a 5.2in screen, 2 skinny lines that act as sensors that may tell whether or not the iPhone is in your pocket or on the table and finger sensors rather than switches and buttons on the perimeters.