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Tips Before Buying Online from a Pawn Shop

It seems that even the royals weren’t spared by this business which came into existence more than 3,000 years ago in ancient China. While the prime purpose behind pawning was to provide short-term credits to needy peasants, it soon evolved as a bunch of profit-seeking money lenders who charged inflated interest rates and offered little money as loans. However, things have changed now with the establishment of standard rules and regulations by the National Pawnbrokers Association, to which each and every pawn broker must abide. Thanks to these rules, now as a buyer, you would not have to worry about the goods sold being fake or stolen. Strict checks are done by these sellers to determine the product’s authenticity and history.

When we think of a pawn shop, it doesn’t really come off as a place where you’d like to do some shopping, does it? But, if you are okay with the fact that what you’ll be getting is an already used item, with possible signs signifying the same, buying a pawned item can actually prove to be an money-saving option. And to make things more convenient for their customers, now, these business owners are also reaching out to those who prefer using the virtual medium over personal visits. There are websites such as pawn up where you can pawn/sell your items and get cash without having to step out of your home. But, what if you need to buy and not pawn?

Points to Remember While Buying a Pawned Item Online

Though the pawn industry has an online market, mind you, the options available aren’t a lot. You would be surprised (or not) to know that most pawn shops sell through well-established retail websites such as eBay and GunBroker. Though some prominent pawn shops have their own online stores, you must check through these retail stores for some great money-saving deals. To get a direct listing of the item(s) you seek, and save some time spent on browsing and searching, type the direct phrase on the search bar. An example for the same would be: “pawn” site:ebay gold ring (if you wish to buy a gold ring). This would give you instant listings of all the pawn brokers who are selling this item on the website. The same rule applies when you wish to search in other websites as well. This tip is for those shoppers who wish to save the browsing time. The following points will inform you of some more interesting tips.

1. Do Your Homework Beforehand

Any online purchase, especially those of used items, requires a thorough research beforehand. If you are spending for a pre-owned item, you might as well get the best in the category. Therefore, you must invest some time and browse on different websites to see which item seems more gainful. For example, a search for “gold ring” may give you varied results in terms of the condition of the item and the quoted price. Evaluate all the possible parameters―make, scratches, missing parts, size, color, and the like. Also, remember that not all items lose their value in the same fashion. For instance, you might get a DVD for minimal price because it’s used, but the same rule may not apply to coins or medals.

2. Buy from a Genuine Website

It is best to buy from a website you know is an established online seller. This may perhaps be the reason that (as mentioned earlier) most pawn brokers sell through eBay―the first name that comes to your mind when it comes to online shopping! You can also try GunBroker. Even the website Shop.History sells stuff from the popular reality show Pawn Stars store.

Before making the purchase always check that the website is secured, has genuine customer service and is backed by policies/guarantees that secure your transaction. It is only after proper scrutiny of the website, especially if it seems new or unfamiliar, that you must enter your card details.

3. Evaluate the Product Carefully

Experts suggest that there are some items that you should and some that you shouldn’t buy from a pawn shop. While it’s a great way to get some genuine precious jewels, branded accessories, home-improvement instruments, etc., at highly discounted rates, you might not want to buy electronic goods such as computers, video games, and TVs. The only reason behind this is the fact that they are used already, which in turn, may imply that the product might not be up to the mark. Ensure that the product is in working condition; the ring should not be missing a stone, or the video game should not have a missing remote. More on this is explained in the next point.

4. Look for the Item’s Condition

When you view the item on a website, say eBay for instance, after you have had the enlarged view of all the images given, don’t forget to pay attention to the field which says, “Item Condition”. Look out for headers such as ‘For parts or not working’ or ‘As is’, this means that the item is not in a working state, or is missing an essential part, a remote perhaps? Speaking on these lines, also remember to check what is included within the quoted price. For instance, if you are buying an Xbox 360, check if it comes with a functional wireless remote, AV cable, chargeable battery, and so on. You can always contact the customer service in case the information is not clear enough. Never assume anything in these situations.

5. Check the Purchase Policies

If everything seems fine, the last and final checkpoint would be analysis of the policies associated with your purchase. These include policies related to return, exchange, payment, shipping, money-back guarantee, and the like. While some sellers do have lenient policies, some just follow the rule which states, “All Sales Are Final”. Ensure that all these policies seem to be in your favor before taking the final call.

An online purchase, especially of pawn items, although has its own share of advantages, but the one downside that it has is that you don’t get a chance to bargain further in the presence of the seller. While pawn brokers have hands-on experience in bargaining, some items may be bought at much cheaper prices when buying from a physical store, especially if they have been there for quite some time. Nonetheless, the aforementioned points will definitely help you get a deal that is not only profitable, but also secure.

Tips on Buying Magazine Online

Reading is a very popular hobby and with the time this hobby too has changed. Many people are there who maintain a reading list and enlist all the books that they want to lay their hands on. These people are voracious readers and may even stick to a particular genre of books to read and then there is one more kind of readers who may read anything that may cross their eyes. This kind doesn’t go for any specific genre or author but has a particular taste for which they hunt. This kind goes for magazines.

Nowadays when everything to anything is available online why not consider about buying magazine online! Well this trend of buying online has become widespread and it has been saving a lot of money as well as time for those urban people who lead a very busy schedule. Now there are so many dedicated sites which make it very easy for one to buy a magazine online. The latest stories and editions can now be followed by you through these magazines without having you to search for the copies but then getting delivered right to your doorstep on regular dates with proper logistic services.

Be it fashion magazines, sports magazines, celeb buzz magazines or health magazines, one can find all the leading magazines of various genre here on the online markets and the best part is that one will not miss out on any in case one has a subscription for a particular time period. There are numerous offers for you to make the best of as the subscription offers may vary for different time periods and the prices will be different from the shelf price. Many of these magazines will not be available in the Middle East and even if one will rely on the usual mail then one will have to be a terrific optimist. SO why pay the prices and still rely more on chances when other options are available? It is very easy to select the books and place the orders on these interactive websites which are becoming quite a favorite among the masses.


Tips on shopping for cell phones online

Ok so all of us with cell phones have been through it all when it comes to customer service and the annoying line waits, and rude sales reps at the cell phone stores.

The last time I bought a mobile phone plan at a corporate store was 4 years ago.  Once I experienced the convenience of shopping for one online I no longer needed the rude sales rep to help me out, to make me feel stupid and inferior for asking questions and talking me into all kinds of accessories I didn’t need.  When my friend told me about buying one online I was a little timid to the fact. All of the questions I had such as;what is the best site to purchase from? Is it safe? What if something goes  wrong with the phone? What if I don’t like the phone or the plan after I purchase it?

Well here are the facts I have learned. And tips I would like to pass on to those of you out there in search of a new phone/s or plan/s.  It is really simple to purchase  a cell phone and a plan online. The particular site I use time and time again, was recommended to me by a close friend and it has been an amazing experience for me.

All you have to do is go to the website. Then pick a provider you are interested in.  Then you pick the phone. All good websites will have specs on the phones. Don’t hesitate to look up reviews online for that specific device.  Places such as Yahoo answers, or Google “reviews for blank phone”. You will get a list of reviews.  Read them! Ask questions and get insight.

After you pick your new mobile phone, it will take you to the plan options.  You then pick the plan for your specific needs, and then proceed to checkout.  If you do not have service with that provider, they will run a credit check and if you are upgrading a device, they will connect with the providers server right away to make sure you are eligable and to give you the discounted price immediatly.  Do not worry, it is safe and secure. Reputable sites use certain safeguards to protect your identity.  It takes only a matter of minutes. Then all you have to do is checkout.  No more annoying line waits, rude reps or pressurized sales!

Most sites that are well trusted and have a strong background will actually give you most phones free of cost or no mail in rebate and the phones are 50-100 dollars cheaper than any corporate store!! I can go to a website right now, and get the same cell phone you would buy at a retail store for free!! It would cost you $200.00 plus a $50.00 mail in rebate at the store.

Only buy from sites that have a 14-30 day return policy.  I have had to return phones online before, and it is literally effortless.  All you have to do is contact customer support from the website. They will send you a return package to send the device back in.  They even sent me the phone I wanted, before I sent the original one back! So I had the phone I loved right away, and was not without one.

So give it a try! Save time. Save money and save your sanity! No more store rep to push you into something you do not need! Below I have listed the website that my friends and I all use.  Feel free to search for your own site as well. This is just the one I’ve been using for 4 years and remember no matter what carrier you purchase from, if you ever have issues with a phone or service after the 14-30 day return policy, the corporate stores still have to help you with any issues. You are still their customer.