Buying Tips for Furniture Online

So you decided to buy furniture online, but not sure whether you will get a proper piece of furniture which you had chosen from the site or fearing about a replacement if you don’t like it or having a fear that you will be cheated.

It is hard to find the best furniture site that is reliable. Purchasing from trustable online sites will give you many benefits, so take your time to research and then finalize your decision. Here are some tips you can consider before buying furniture, so just go through it.

Store Reviews:

The first thing you can do is to check the store review. Just Google it and you will find about it. Go through every result and check all the positive and negative reviews. Also, check whether that particular site is showing the review or not, if yes then kindly check it also.

Also, go through the About us page of the store and check the history of the company and what type of services they are providing and also read the terms and conditions page, so you will get better idea about company’s policy.

Return Policy:

All web stores have their return policy, so check it before making a deal. If a website is charging re-stocking fees from customers or has a tricky return procedure or doesn’t accept returns at all, don’t make a deal with them.

Just find out other sites which have easy and flexible return policy. Generally, web stores provide 30 days return policy, but some sites are offering 45 to 60 days return policy. Some online stores charge a re-stocking fee, which can be 15% of the item’s purchase price, so avoid such online retailers. The best return policies offer free return shipping.

It is seen that some stores offer free shipping but in a limited area or local area. While some do not offer free shipping at all. In such case check how much maximum shipping charge could be? This maximum shipping charge is mentioned on the site; if not then ask about it.

Store with Wide Range:

Choose the store that has a wide range of varieties of products. If any store is all about only the bedroom products or kitchen products, avoid it and visit the store that has all category products. This helps you to explore more products and you can find the best product for your home.

On many stores, you will find many offers and that is very beneficial for you. If you are planning to buy many items, buy it from one store only. Why? There are two reasons for that, first, you will get the perfect matching pieces in terms of color and design. And the other reason is you may get an extra discount because some stores offer an extra discount on buying more than one or two products.

Shop from Secure Site:

Check whether the site is secure or not and choose only secure site. How to check whether the site is secure or not? When you check out and reach to payment section, check site link, it must be httpsinstead http. It means that this site is secure with extra security and you can trust this site. If the site is not secure, there is a risk of identity theft. In URL, you will find a lock icon, click on it and get the information about site’s security. So, just be secure before you shop.

Now let’s see some points on Furniture products.

Check Out Details, Photo and Review:

Description about the particular product is given on the page of that product, so just go through all given details. From these details, you will come to know that which material is used in making this product. Read it carefully and don’t come in the trap of good words they have used to describe the product, make your research on it.

You will easily get fooled by the product photos. Uploaded photos are professional photos of the product and the decoration is made in such a way that product will look more attractive. You will find different angle photos of the product so, check all the photos carefully.

Some sites allow users to upload the real photos of the product in the product review section, so check the review section. Read all the reviews about the product and then finalize your decision.

Furniture Size:

This one is the most important point you need to check while buying furniture online. First, you must have an idea about your available space for any product, so you can compare it with the product. If the product is big then also consider the measurement of your entry doors and room doors, otherwise, it will not get fit into your room.

Some point on Price


The major benefit of buying furniture online is that you can easily compare the price with other sites. By doing this you will get idea about price differences and it will be beneficial for you only. Check all details like the price, shipping costs, any other tax charges, and if the store charges for return shipping or re-stocking.

Coupon or Sale:

There are many sites available for coupon codes, so Google it and find any available coupon code. If you are lucky and found any active code then it can save some extra money of yours.

Also, check for the sale on various sites, because online sites often conduct sale especially on some festivals and days like Mother day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. Some sites offer daily deals, so check out for that also.

Apart from these 8 tips here is one extra tip.

Delivery option

Before you make a deal, first check the delivery option. Delivery options could be like Front door delivery, Inside delivery or White Glove delivery. Now let’s get details about each.

Front door delivery: In this option, you will get delivery up to your front door only or up to the first floor of the apartment (depends on policy). With this one, you have to manage after it gets delivered to your door.

Inside delivery: In this option, you will get delivery in your home, means if you are leaving on any floor of the apartment then also you will get delivery in your home. But they will not help to unbox it and in setting up it.

White glove delivery: In this option, you will get full functionality means you will get delivery to your room and they will unbox the furniture and set it up for you. This will cost more compared to others.

Before we summarize take a look at this.

Final words

If you choose the online option to buy furniture, you can save your time and money. You have to just do some research to find the best deals. Make sure you final a site you trust, has the lowest price and choose a shipping method that won’t be disappointed for you.